About the Podcast

HiFi History features inspiring stories of today that connect us to the past. How does saving an old taco stand affect a local community? Can sleeping in slave dwellings help reconcile race relations? Are we making history fun for the rising generation?

Hear these stories and more as HiFi History explores how saving places, memories and objects from the past (aka "historic preservation") improves your life and your community.

We are not about saving history for history's sake. Instead, we believe that reminders of our collective cultural heritage can and should be used for good in our modern society.

Our densely compacted stories highlight events and movements taking place right now that hearken back to a time past. Episodes are about a half hour long, on average, and new shows are typically released every three weeks.

We are a nonprofit podcast that is produced by Presonomics. We work with a very limited budget, relying entirely on volunteer labor, so your support is crucial! You can pitch in to help cover our production costs, like recording equipment and hosting fees, by doing the following:

  1. Sign up with the custom URL from one of our sponsors (e.g., get a free audiobook at audibletrial.com/HiFiHistory)


  2. Make a one-time or monthly (yes, please!) tax-deductible donation to Presonomics: https://www.presonomics.org/donate

Thanks for listening to HiFi History! Please spread the word about the show with everyone you know who loves history, city planning, architecture or conservation! :-)

About the Host

Clint Tankersley is the founder and executive director of Presonomics, the only organization in the world that works exclusively to promote the economic benefits of saving historic places. Clint is an attorney who specializes in cultural heritage law and he was honored to be one of Preservation Action's first Advocacy Scholars in 2014. He is a graduate of programs in business, law and heritage preservation from Columbus State University and Georgia State University. While in law school, Clint interned for the chief legal counsel in Georgia's Department of Natural Resources, as well as the Certified Local Government program for the Georgia State Historic Preservation Office.


Note: Banner images courtesy of the Boston Public Library's online collection of vintage postcards and have been altered.